What are my plans for TechKnowledge Tree?

Many colleagues and friends recently asked “What are plans are for TechKnowledge Tree?” TechKnowledge Tree is my new website for technology professionals. The website contains professionally written articles with a target audience that includes technology executives, managers, developers, designers, and technical leaders.

TechKnowledge Tree

I thought I would share a little about my goals and intentions for the website. The website is still in the early stages, stay tuned!

We decided to launch the website with a focus on underserved content areas and technology that promises to revolutionize the industry. Our goals for the next few months are:

  1. Add relevant and valuable content

We have many articles in the pipeline, but we will publish articles only when they are ready. We don’t want another blog site or “low value content” that is rapidly produced. The Internet is full of those websites. We would rather focus on key areas.

2. Add new authors

We will be adding new authors in the next few months. Authors and content will be carefully selected. Authors will be subject matter experts in specific areas.

3. Build awareness and brand recognition of the new website

We will be leveraging social media, organic search traffic, and other promotional channels to drive awareness.

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