Evolution of Enterprise Content Management


The way enterprises create and consume content is changing and organizations need to rethink enterprise content management strategies and solutions to build more effective systems.

First, content creation and consumption is no longer limited to application boundaries, as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Business Process Automation is increasingly connecting content repositories and systems. Second, content creation and consumption is also no longer limited to enterprise boundaries with data increasingly shared by partners, suppliers, and customers through new devices. Third, the constant drive for increased productivity is accelerating investments in content discovery and content re-purposing. Lastly, the magnitude of content managed by the typical enterprise is growing exponentially.

Developing an effective enterprise content management strategy in the context of these changes requires organizations to understand the history of enterprise content management, key technological advancements, and primary business drivers that will propel next generational enterprise content management solutions.

The first article in a series on designing and building next generational enterprise content management solutions was recently published on

The article, Evolution of Enterprise Content Management provides the historical context, driving factors, and cornerstone strategic components for an effective strategy. Subsequent articles in the series will focus on specific design principles and strategies to build these next generation solutions. Stay tuned!

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